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Looking to make a statement in your home or professional space on a weekly basis? 

Lace and Lilies offers a variety of price point options that allow you to add a touch of beauty in to your life. 

  • Contact Lace and Lilies and set up a consultation

  • Lace and Lilies will visit your space to discuss your personal style and details - location, size, shape, vase type, flower style, etc.

  • Lace and Lilies will provide a quote for your weekly flower deliveries within 24 hours

  • You decide when weekly flower deliveries begin - we can start as early as the very next Wednesday!

  • Lace and Lilies will delivery your fresh arrangement each week and exchange for the previous week's arrangement

We are excited to meet with you and be inspired by your space. Contact Lace and Lilies for a free consultation for your home or professional space

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